mysterious skin

Friday, September 08, 2006


welcome to the first installment of what may very well become an intrinsic study into the abuse my body suffers each and every weekend.
every saturday and/ or sunday, i wake up covered in mysterious bruises. usually i have little recount of exactly how each bruise gets there. maybe it's because i'm smashy fall down girl extraordinare?
so lets see what bruises i have accrued of late....
clerks 2 this beauty is from last weeks viewing of clerks 2. we met at the cranker and then proceeded to the cinema. once there, we realised we had ten mins to waste so we went to the griffins head where we found $10 jugs of pale. oh yeah, baby.

clerks 2 (clerks 2 still)

crate soccer these here are from playing crate soccer with bowie, spoz and random strangers down rundle mall after going to jive and rocket (i love you, emma!) on the way to the cranker last night. good times, good times :) spoz was playing crate soccer. must give credit where credit is due. he was the only one that didn't get hurt... i think...

i lied.... he bled.


i also fell over on the dance floor again... who put that stupid box in the middle of the dance floor? thanks to jimmy and bowie for picking me up... again and again :)

more to come :)